M2M will radically change the Way you do Business

What is M2M? M2M stands for 'machine-to-machine' and 'man-to-machine' communications, an information technology that produces lower costs, faster response times, better results

The universal concept in all 'M2M' applications is communication with machines without geographic boundary. To what gain? M2M technology allows information from your remote assets to reach the right people more quickly and allows those people to remotely optimise those assets for the optimum return. Organizations that have developed M2M solutions report lower costs, faster response times, better service and most importantly higher revenues. In fact, M2M technology provides the opportunity to not just improve your efficiency, but to radically change the way that you do business. Omniflex has created a unique suite of solutions called 'Data2Desktop' to allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the new M2M capability, enabling reliable and affordable remote asset monitoring, management and control - over very wide areas. Omniflex combine extensive in-house industrial measurement, control and communications expertise and experience with partnerships from the telecommunications and IT sectors to bring you the first complete solution to connect data seamlessly from the sensor to your desktop. A partnership with with Omniflex in the implementation of M2M can create lasting benefits for your organization. For further information about how M2M can change your business, contact Omniflex today.

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