Omniflex introduces 12/24V split battery charger

Omniflex has launched the dual-voltage PTL charger series, which is a combined power supply and true 12/24V split battery charger

Today's RTU's are surrounded by more and more instrumentation required to operate at 24V, while the radio system still requires 12V for operation. This gives the system designer a dilemma in single charger systems.

If you add an extra converter to convert 12 to 24V, then the 24V power will be limited to the power of the converter, which must be sized large enough for peak load requirements. If you are driving solenoids or power relays, this can result in a large converter, which adds a continuous drain on the system, reducing standby time from the batteries, and, of course, consumes additional cost and space.

If you add an extra converter to convert 24V to 12V to drive a radio, you need to be sure that the converter output is rated for the peak transmit power required by the radio. Most radios are designed to be operated of battery supplies, and expect a 'stiff' supply for optimum RF performance.

The choice of the wrong converter for this application presents a risk.

The unique Powerterm L120C-D dual-voltage charger from Omniflex now solves these issues by the provision of true split rail battery charging. The Poweterm L series PSU/chargers provide both 12 and 24V battery connected load outputs as if you had two battery chargers in the system.

The Powerterm L series provides 5A peak load capability on both supplies, capable of driving radios at 12V and power loads at 24V without the additional power, cost and space associated with an additional voltage converter. This provides balanced charging to both 24V and 12V batteries even when 12V loads are tapped from the battery pack.

Other features such as integrated AC Main detected relay, temperature compensated charging and low voltage cut-out ensure a fully specified charging system in a single product. The Powerterm L120C-D Charger is the only charger component required for the system, reducing space and cost.

The Powerterm dual-voltage PSU chargers are the ideal solution for applications that include RTU's, dataloggers, remote field instruments and alarm systems where the requirement exists to power both 12V equipment (such as radios) and 24V instruments.

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