Environmental data is monitored in the Ether

Omniflex has applied its latest technology to the collection and recording of environmental monitoring and effluent data to demonstrate environmental conformance.

Many organisations rely on manual systems to manage SHEQ conformance with occasional hands-on verification to prove measurements and accuracy. Omniflex questions the effectiveness of these systems.

When data collection, dissemination and reporting is automated, measurable benefits accrue to users. Environmental monitoring is a topical subject and a pressing requirement for many organisations in today's regulatory environment. This is because the burden of proof of the compliance rests with companies themselves.

Lack of proof means liability, should any claim or charge be forthcoming as a result of an environmental impact incident. The real challenges are in the measurement of environmental parameters. While in-plant monitoring is closely scrutinised, making measurements in more remote locations or areas where environmental risk is identified presents a real challenge. Providing a 24/7 real-time monitoring system with open and transparent presentation of the data further exacerbates the problems. Automation of this function is a further requisite where staff levels leave no time for collection and collation of data from off-site monitoring.

Omniflex has applied its latest technology to these issues enabling and empowering organisations to take the lead in this area of monitoring by providing the communications, recording and reporting infrastructure to solve the integration of diverse measurement instrumentation into a cohesive solution. Environmental parameters that may require collection and reporting include gas emissions, dust levels, utilities values, water quality and usage, wastage, spoilage and loss.

The Data2Desktop data service from Omniflex puts meaningful data and reports on the right desktops, using the power and pervasiveness of the World Wide Web and mobile phone networks for the collection, presentation and dissemination of information. The technology enables large scale operations to collect and consolidate data through the use of mobile phone and internet enabled secure data access points (DAPs).

Information, alarms and reports are disseminated via e-mail, SMS or browser based communications to directly reach appropriate personnel involved in the part of the process.

The Teleterm M2 Series Remote Terminal Units from Omniflex provide a convenient and cost-effective Data Access Point for this data collection, and are available in many variants from Ethernet, licence-free radio, GSM, Conet, and Modbus.

Access to the collected data is via the World Wide Web using the Data2Desktop service. Up to 12 months data is stored at the secure Omniflex Data Centre, relieving the user of the responsibility of  storing, managing and backing up this important data. This data can be accessed in many forms from any number of locations using a web browser or mobile phone, requiring no special investment in software programs and graphics design and engineering. 

Data from the Omniflex Data Centres can be integrated in realtime into corporate MIS systems through the use of OPC servers or SQL drivers. In this way data becomes compatible with most large commercial software solutions.

The Data2Desktop service thus provides the capability to compare the actual status of measurements from geographically remote locations against legislated or target levels in real time. Discrepancies in the system can be identified immediately instead of during periodic audits, and corrective action applied before any crisis can develop.

Alarms and notifications to responsible people can be automatically generated. Actual non-conformance can be identified with date and time.

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