Product Brief - Model C2166A Powerterm PT2000 24Vdc

Powerterm PT2000 PSU 110/220ac; 24Vdc @ 2000mA

 Universal ac input
 100-250Vdc input supply
 DIN Rail or Surface Mounting
 CE Approved
 High reliability design for industrial grade applications
 Enclosed housings to allow safe mounting in serviceable locations

Powerterm PT2000 110/220Vac. 24Vdc 2000mA instrument power supply. DIN Rail or surface mount QTY Discount 10-24 less 5% , 25 upward less 10%.


The POWERTERM range of 12/24Vdc power supplies is specifically designed for industrial instrumentation applications. Use of carefully selected long-life components and conservative design parameters ensure increased reliability even in harsh conditions.

Forming part of the OMNITERM range of industrial instrumentation, the POWERTERM Series is designed to be DIN rail or surface mounted.

This second-generation family of power supplies uses the latest switch-mode supply technology to reduce cost, increase reliability and meet international safety and compatibility norms.

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